Presidents of the Rotary Club of Montego Bay have the wonderful opportunity to choose a project close to their hearts for the year of their Presidency.

President Vernella (2011-12) is focusing on literacy, and on recognizing volunteerism among young people (please see news item on Volunteerism)

Image  President’s Project 2011- 12  

Reading Clubs: “Read to me and I will read to you” – Primary Schools 


  1. To encourage  a passion for reading in children
  2. To encourage children to read for pleasure
  3. To encourage families/friends/volunteers to read to, and listen to children read by sponsoring a series of advertisements on the radio and local television
  4. To encourage  children from the Reading Clubs to participate in a Literacy Poster Competition

Reading Clubs – Literacy Poster Competition (Open to all 6 Reading Clubs & all Early Act Schools)

Design a poster to illustrate one of the following:

1.       Reading is fun

2.       I love to read with my dad

3.       I love to read with my mum

4.       I love to read with my sister (s)

5.       I love reading with my brother (s)

6.       I love to read with my friends/family

7.       I love books

8.       My Rotary Reading Club gets me reading every day

9.       I love to read every day

10.    To read is to learn

Top of the poster - The following must be included at the: Rotary Club of Montego Bay Reading Club11-12 with a space for the Rotary Logo

Bottom of the poster: “Read to me and I will read to you.”

  •  o    1st - $10,000 Book Voucher
  • o    2nd –$8,000 Book Vouchers
  • o    3rd - $6000 Book Voucher
  • o    10 Consolation prizes - $2000 Book Voucher
  • o    Award for Principal and Head of English in the participating schools
  • o    Invitation to attend an Award ceremony in March 2012